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Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment Gloucester

With our enhanced and unmatched wheel refurbishment process we’re proud to offer a generous 1 year guarantee on powder and diamond cut finish. For Caliper enhancement we offer a 6 month guarantee. We’re the only dedicated centre in Gloucestershire, with a complete in-house setup and highly trained technicians.

We are able to help restore your alloy wheels whether you are a dealership, trader or you own a Super Car, Classic Car, Van or 4×4, we’ve even done a few motorbikes!  We only use the best-in-class materials for an ultra durable and long-lasting guaranteed finish at affordable prices!

1. Remove Alloy Wheels

1. Remove Wheels

The first step of wheel refurbishment is to remove your wheels and offer you either a set of loan wheels to keep you on the road. Or to leave your vehicle in our CCTV secure facility.

2. Remove Tyres

2. Remove Tyres

Tyres are fully removed by our expert tyre team, this includes the valves, sensors and weights.We use the latest tyre fitting and removal equipment.

Strip Alloy Wheels

3. Strip Wheels

The wheels are then sent to our special paint-stripping chemical room, where all the previous paint, dirt and grime is completely removed and the wheels are back to bare metal.

Sand & Shot Blast Wheels

4. Sand Blasting

During step 4 the wheels are professionally sandblasted, to remove any final rust or corrosion and to give the final paint a superior and smooth finish. 

Weld & Buckle Repair Gloucester

5. Weld & Buckle Repair

If any wheel buckles are discovered during our inspection process, the customer is informed before we straighten the wheel or repair any cracks using high-grade alluminium.

Kerb Damage Repair Gloucester

6. Curb Rash Removal

In this step, our highly trained technicians, take out any curb rash damage by hand with our range of specific tools and techniques. No damage is unfixable! Put us to the test!

Powder Coating Gloucester

7. Powder Coat

Wheels are now heated and degassed in the oven. An essential step to remove air and moisture. Now they are ready for primer before back in the oven for curing. Colour coats and more oven treatment! For a long lasting finish.

Diamond Cut Wheels Gloucester

8. Diamond Cut

Many modern vehicles have diamond cut wheels. This is the shiny metallic look that gives a wheel an expensive appearance. To produce this finish, the wheels go through a lathe machine to fine cut the edge of the alloy wheel.

Wheel Painting Company Gloucester

9. Quality Lacquer

The final painting stage uses a clear superior-quality acrylic lacquer powder, which gives the wheels a beautiful finish and extreme durability. At this stage, the customer has the option to give the wheels a high gloss, satin, or matt finish.


10. Protection Kit

Our popular wheel protection kit offers extra  protection for your newly refurbished wheels. Choose your colour of Rim Protectors and high quality Ceramic Coating, making your wheels a doddle to keep clean and kerb damage! 

Caliper Colour Painting Refurbishment Gloucester

11. Caliper Enhancement

An optional but highly popular service, where we enhance the look of your calipers to compliment your newly refurbed alloys. We sand and strip your calipers, apply undercoat, primer, top coat and our signature lacquer! 

Wheel Balancing Gloucester

12. Wheel Balancing

TMPS sensors or valves are put back on to the wheels. Tyres are then fitted onto the wheels and balanced with our electronically controlled balancing machine with weights. The wheels are then put back onto the vehicle.

Powder Coat Wheel Refurbishment

The highest quality wheel finish you can get!

Powder vs Wet Spray, there’s no comparison, there are many local wheel refurb options for you in Gloucester, but not premium powder coat finishing. At Next Wheels & Tyres, we’re proud to offer a complete powder coat finish that we guarantee will last long and look amazing! 

Afraid you’ll be without your car? No problem – whether you need a loan car or loan wheels to keep you on the road while we make your wheels look like new again are options you have with us.

“ I can’t thank Next Wheels and Tyres enough they have done a fantastic job on my wheels and tyres! ” 

Mark Childs, Ford ST Customer, 

Diamond Cut Finish

Professional and Reliable Diamond Cut Finish in Gloucester

If your wheels have a diamond cut finish and you want them looking like new again, then you require a diamond cut service. 

At Next Wheels & Tyres, we’ve successfully diamond cut hundreds of wheels from, Mercedes-Benz to Range Rover, BMW, Porsche and many others. 

We have invested in the latest machine lathing equipment and everything is completed in-house at our Gloucester-based garage. We have extensive knowledge and experience in restoring alloy wheels back to a high-quality factory finish. 

“Great refurbishment of my alloy wheels. Fantastic job, they look brand new again! I would highly recommend!”  

Kelly Tracey, Mercedes Customer, Gloucester
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Calliper refurbishment & Re-Colour gloucester

Complete the look with your freshly refurbed wheels!

Add some character with a touch of luxury to your car with a calliper refurb. Fancy a colour change or to make them look like new again? We can give your callipers a new look with some fresh paint to compliment or add style to your ride! Using hard wearing heat-resistant paint, we can give you the long-lasting brilliance in any colour you want!

Using calliper specific paint and heat lamps for curing, you can count on us to give you the quality finish your car deserves. From anything custom or specific to factory original, you can trust us to get the look you want! 

Our calliper refurb service is completed same day. Just drop your car off in the morning and you’ll be home in time for your dinner.

“ I totally love my new wheels and calipers on my 3 Series, I chose Next Wheels & Tyres based on their amazing 5 star reviews! I wasn’t disappointed.” 

John Stance, BMW Msport Customer, Gloucester

Crack, Buckle or damaged wheel repair

Rely on us to repair your wheels!

Buckled or cracked wheel? A cracked or buckled wheel is a time bomb for further damage to either the wheel, tyre or suspension components. To save yourself from a potential MOT failure, constant loss of air in the tyre or being stranded by the side of the road in Gloucester, get in contact and get your wheels repaired by our expert team – FAST!

We use specialised buckle repair machines to straighten out wheels and weld any cracks all in-house. Get your wheel booked in and get them back the same day!

“I have a BMW with run flat tyres, and my wheel had a large crack in it after going over a pothole, I found Next Wheels & Tyres online and gave them a call, they had my car in the same day and managed to get me back on the road the same afternoon! What a service!”  

Mark Hopkins, BMW Customer, Gloucester

WHeel Protection Kit

Rim Protection & Ceramic Coating - protect your newly refurbed wheels!

At Next Wheels & Tyres Gloucester, we offer extra protection for your brand-new wheels or freshly refurbished wheels. You have the choice to have rim protectors and or ceramic coating added to your wheels. A choice of colours for our rim protectors are fitted around the lip of the wheel that will help protect your freshly refurbed wheels from any future kerb damage, the cost of this is only £150.

Ceramic coating is highly recommended due to its protective properties applied to the whole wheel. Especially on refurbed or new wheels, ceramic coating is chemically bonded to the wheel to add an additional layer to the wheel giving it an extra glossier finish while being highly hydrophobic and durable giving it extra protection from dirt, brake dust, and road debris. It protects the wheels even more from damage and makes cleaning even easier! Dirt just falls off! Perfect!

“After getting my alloy wheels fully powder coated and refurbished, I wanted to ensure they were fully protected if I was to kerb the vehicle, low and behold 2 weeks later, my wife clipped the kerb and luckily the rim protectors did the job perfectly! ” 

Michael, Mercedes A Class Customer, Gloucester

At Next Wheels & Tyres Gloucester we specialise in providing an exceptional customer experience no matter what your motoring needs are. We stock a large choice of stunning Alloy Wheels and both New and Part Worn Tyres, as well as providing a top class alloy wheel refurbishment service at our large Gloucester based service centre. Drop in and say hello!



Drop in 7 days a week, no appointment necessary! 


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At Next Wheels & Tyres Gloucester we specialise in providing an exceptional customer experience no matter what your motoring needs are. We stock a large choice of stunning Alloy Wheels and both New and Part Worn Tyres at our large Gloucester based service centre. Drop in and say hello!


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